2017 Council

Name: Adam Bolton 

Position: President








Name:  Maria Caraza Salas

Position:  Vice President








Name: Eduardo D. Munaiz

Position:  Treasurer








Name: Charlene Grahn

Position:  Journal Club Chair








Name: Jamie Bugel

Position: Agroecology Representative








Name: Kathleen Miller

Position: Agronomy Representative








Name: Lorraine Rodriguez-Bonilla

Position: PBPG Representative








Name: Madeline Olberg

Position: Horticulture Representative








Name: Kaija Goodman

Position: Botany Representative








Name: Megan McCaghey

Position: Plant Pathology Representative









Contact the 2017 PSGSC at: wisc.psgsc at gmail dot com

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Stella Salvo was born in the Philippines.  She grew up in Lafayette, Indiana
where she obtained Bachelors in International Agronomy from Purdue
University taking courses and working abroad in Toulouse, France and Quebec
City, Canada.  With hopes to help solve the overwhelming number of people
suffering from hunger and malnutrition, Stella pursued a Masters degree at
Colorado State University in wheat breeding and genetics.  She took post at
North Carolina State University with the USDA in maize breeding and genetics
and worked in line development breeding for Monsanto in Illinois.  Stella
went back to school and is a 2nd year PhD student working on an
investigation of main effects and epistatic interactions in QTL associated
with maize tissue culture response.  Stella enjoys food, music, TED talks,
tennis, wine tasting, and spending time outdoors.