UW-Madison 10th Annual Plant Science Symposium

Zooming In on Plant Health

The Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council is excited to announce our 10th Annual Plant Sciences Symposium!

As part of the UN’s declaration of 2020 being the International Year of Plant Health, this year our speakers will be focusing on all things plant health, big and small.

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THEME: “Zooming In on Plant Health”

DATE:  Friday, November 13th, 2020

LOCATION: Via Zoom! Register to receive a link


Dr. Diane M Beckles, Associate Professor and Associate Post Harvest Biochemist at UC-Davis
Dr. Brooks Coetzee, Global Biology Leader and Corteva Laureate at Corteva Agriscience
Dr. Shelby Ellison, Assistant Professor of Horticulture at UW-Madison
Dr. Kayri Havens, Director, Plant Science and Conservation, and Senior Scientist at Chicago Botanic Garden
Dr. Linda Kinkel, Professor of Plant Pathology at University of Minnesota
Dr. Kevin Murphy, Associate Professor, Sustainable Seed Systems Lab at Washington State University



12:00 PM CDT Introduction
12:15 PM CDT Dr. Shelby Ellison
12:35 PM CDT Dr. Shelby Ellison Q&A
12:45 PM CDT Dr. Brooks Coetzee 
1:05 PM CDT Dr. Brooks Coetzee Q&A
1:15 PM CDT Dr. Kayri Havens
1:35 PM CDT Dr. Kayri Havens Q&A
1:45 PM CDT Student Lightning Talks
2:15 PM CDT Stretch Break
2:30 PM CDT Dr. Diane M. Beckles
2:50 PM CDT Dr. Diane M. Beckles Q&A
3:00 PM CDT Dr. Kevin Murphy
3:20 PM CDT Dr. Kevin Murphy Q&A
3:30 PM CDT Dr. Linda Kinkel
3:50 PM CDT Dr. Linda Kinkel Q&A
4:00 PM CDT Panel with all speakers
4:50 PM CDT Closing Remarks
5:05 PM CDT After Symposium Social



Funding for the 10th Annual Plant Sciences Symposium has been graciously provided by Corteva Agriscience, Ball Horticultural Company, Calyxt, Rijk Zwaan, Syngenta AG, and Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association (WALSAA)



2019 – Plant Sciences: Evolving with the Times
2018- Leavesdropping on Plants: Microscopic to Macroscopic Conversations
2017 – Plants in the Anthropocene: Diversity, Genetics, and Biotic Interactions
2016 – Turning a New Leaf on Plant Evolution and Ecology
2015 – Leveraging Data in Plant Sciences: In vivo, in vitro, in silico
2014 – Plants and Society: Integrating Food and Science in Today’s Culture
2013 – Transforming Innovation into New Resources for Plant Science

2012 – Emerging Trends and Paradigm Shifts in Plant Breeding
2011 – Modern Tools for Plant Genetic Improvement