2018 PSGSC Officer Elections!

We invite graduate students to take the opportunity to vote for your favorite candidate for each of the offered positions. To aid you in making a decision, please review the 2018 PSGSC Officer Election Ballot and then proceed to the link below to cast your vote:

Votes will be accepted until 4:00 PM on Friday,  December 15th. The results will be sent out the following Monday.

Best of luck to all!

April-May Photo contest!

The Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council at UW-Madison thanks all the participants of the April-May photo contest. 

Photo submitted by Jamie Bugel

Description: Starting the first full month in Spring catching glimpses of Summer.


Photo submitted by Sofia Macchiavelli

Description: “These are beautiful potato plants growing early in the season for my field trials. I’m evaluating the efficacy of various chemical control treatments to control silver scurf of potato, a disease that is significantly impacting Wisconsin potato production.”


Photo submitted by Cari Schmitz-Carley

Description: The Endelman Lab made a hard push to get all of our potato trials at the Hancock Agricultural Research Station hand planted in just one day to beat a forecasted week of spring showers. Even the pails were motivated.


Photo submitted by Madeline Olberg

Description: Yay, onion planting!


Winning photo!

Photo submitted by Beth Ann A Workmaster

Description: What I love about this picture is not just the water droplets and the sunshine, but also the detail of the trichomes on the leaf margins and fruit pedicels.


2017 PSGSC Officer Election Results