Previous Symposiums

The Plant Sciences Symposium has become an annual event at UW – Madison. As an organization, we are fortunate to work with large sponsorships from Corteva Agrisciences through their Corteva Symposia Series as well as many other companies to organize and facilitate the event. This section of our websites serve to document the evolution of our annual symposium to display the unique speakers we have hosted over the years.

2023 Symposium – Firmly Rooted: Perseverance Through Challenges

2022 Symposium – Cultivating Resilience: Learning from the Past to Plant for the Future

2021 Symposium – Planting Connections: Exploring the Impacts of Plants and Society

2020 Symposium – Zooming In on Plant Health

2019 Symposium – Plants Sciences: Evolving with the Times

2018 Symposium – Leavesdropping on Plants: Microscopic to Macroscopic Conversations

2017 Symposium – Plants in the Anthropocene: Diversity, Genetics, and Biotic Interactions

2016 Symposium – Turning a New Leaf in Plant Ecology and Evolution

2015 Symposium – Leveraging Data in Plant Sciences: In Vivo, In Vitro, In Silico

2014 Symposium – Plants and Society: Integrating Food and Science in Today’s Culture

2013 Symposium – Transforming Innovation Into New Resources for Plant Sciences

2012 Symposium – Emerging Trends & Paradigm Shifts in Plant Breeding

2011 Symposium – Modern Tools for Plant Genetic Improvement