Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council

The Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council (PSGSC) was founded in 2000 by combining the graduate student councils of the Horticulture Department, the Agronomy Department, and the Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics (PBPG) program. The PSGSC was created to foster enhanced communication and promote more social interaction among the graduate students of horticulture, agronomy, and PBPG. Since then, additional plant science-related graduate departments and programs have been incorporated into the council, including the Plant Pathology Department, the Botany Department, the Forest and Wildlife Ecology Department, and the Agroecology Program.

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About the council

The current council is composed of eight elected positions: president, vice president, treasurer, journal club representative, agronomy representative, horticulture representative, botany representative, and PBPG representative. The council serves to work with the faculty, staff, and students to promote educational and social outreach and to welcome new graduate students in the plant sciences.

The council has four main goals:

  • To be mediators between students and faculty.
  • To plan events designed to foster fellowship among plant scientists and provide education and awareness.
  • Keepers of the “blue book” (a set of books that contain reflections and memories of past preliminary exams written by students who successfully completed their prelims).
  • Manage the candy cart.

Who are the council officers?

Council officers are plant sciences graduate students nominated and elected by their peers every December. Those elected serve a one year term. See the current PSGSC officers here, and go here for a list of past officers.  The Council can be contacted at psgsc@rso.wisc.edu