2023 Officers

President: Courtney Cameron

Courtney is currently a second year M.S. student in Dr. Leslie Holland’s fruit pathology lab. Originally from Georgia, Courtney has been conducting pathology work for almost a decade. At UW – Madison, her research focuses on the growing cold climate grape industry here in Wisconsin. Specifically, she is evaluating alternative spray programs and assessing the state of fungicide sensitivity and resistance in vineyards. When not in the vineyard or lab, Courtney enjoys cooking and reading.

Vice President: Fernando de la Torre

Fernando is a native of Southern California, of Mexican-American heritage. He found his way to plant research by reflecting one day (midway through college) on how fruit made its way to the cities where he grew up, given that there were no fruit trees around him. This led him to seek out classes about plants and opportunities in plant research after college. When not admiring flowers and measuring features of flower anatomy, he enjoys running and cooking. His favorite fruits are limes and mangoes. He can speak English, Spanish, and Italian.

Treasurer: Garrett Larson

Journal Club Chair: Pablo Sandro

Agroecology Representative: Mridula (Malu) Menon

Malu is a first-year master’s student in the Agroecology program. She is interested in learning about urban agriculture, integrated land use management, and community development. In her free time, she likes listening to music, dancing, and hiking.

Agronomy Representative: Will de la Bretonne

Botany Representative: Sam Anderson

Entomology Representative: Victoria Salerno

Victoria is currently in her first year of her master’s in Entomology and Agroecology. She is interested in the relationship between bees, pollen, and microbes and bee behavior. Outside of academia, she loves hiking, reading, and being a Canine Companion at the Humane Society.

Horticulture Representative: Audrey Kruse

Audrey is going into her second year in the Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics program within the Department of Horticulture. One of her research objectives is to identify QTL associated with resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot in table beet and Swiss chard. Outside of work/school, Audrey enjoys playing volleyball, watching baseball and college basketball, camping, cooking, country music, getting lunch at Babcock, and babysitting her nieces and nephews. She is a native of Indiana.

Plant Pathology Representative: Elizabeth Lane

Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics Representative: Audrey Pelikan

Audrey is a first year master’s student in the Goldman Lab. Her research focuses on improving flavor quality and culinary traits in table beets.

Soil Science Representative: Daniela Orjuela Diaz

Daniela is a second-year Ph.D. student in the soil science department studying nitrogen management in corn production. Originally from Colombia, she loves listening to music, dancing, and traveling in her free time. This year, Daniela is the soil rep, and she hopes to connect soil science students with peers from other departments!