Program Schedule

Below the schedule of events for the 2012 Plant Sciences Symposium, Emerging Trends and Paradigm Shifts in Plant Breeding. There will be six speakers, a poster session, and meals provided for registered attendees. As we approach the date of the conference, check back here to see more details about the talks that will be presented.

Program Schedule:

Friday September 28, 2012

7:30 – 8:30. Registration and Breakfast (poster setup)

8:30 – 8:40. Opening remarks

8:40 – 9:40.  Dr. Paul Stephens: “Shifts in the Corporate Plant Breeding Business Model”

9:40 – 10:30. Dr. José Crossa: “Advances in Modeling Genotype x Environment Interaction in Genomic Selection and its Importance for Sustainable Cultivars”

10:30 – 10:45. Break (coffee and snacks included)

10:45 – 11:35. Dr. Patrick Schnable: “Changes in Gene Copy Number and PAVs Contribute to Genetic Gain”

11:35 – 12:25. Dr. Kevin Folta: Functionalizing the Strawberry Genome: New Genes for Valuable Traits”

12:25 – 2:00. Lunch and Poster Session

2:00 – 2:50. Dr. Andrew Bent: “Sustainable Disease Resistance”

2:50 – 3:40. Dr. Molly Jahn:  An International Perspective on Plant Breeding and Food Security”

3:40 – 4:30. Panel Discussion

4:30. Closing remarks