Journal Club 2020

Monday, February 10th, 2020
Scientifically tested methods to reduce racism and promote inclusion

This week’s Journal Club will take be a “field trip” to the CALS Equity and Diversity Lunch ‘n Learn! Dr. Markus Brauer will be delivering a presentation on Scientifically tested methods to reduce racism and promote inclusion.

From Dr. Brauer: “Most pro-diversity initiatives are not evaluated. Among the few initiatives that have undergone rigorous evaluation, most turn out to be ineffective or counterproductive. The empirical evidence for the effectiveness of diversity training is mixed at best. The same is true for approaches that aim to raise awareness of implicit bias. In my talk I will argue that successful pro-diversity initiatives require a systematic approach in which the target audience, the target behaviors, and the “barriers” to behavior change are identified through background research (e.g., focus groups, climate survey). I will then present three pro-diversity initiatives that have been shown to be effective in randomized controlled trials: the prejudice habit-breaking workshop, a norm-based campaign, and motivational interventions. I will conclude by giving concrete advice on how to evaluate your next pro-diversity initiative.”

Monday, February 3th, 2020
The importance of stupidity

The first Journal Club of 2020 will kick off today! Join us as Jenyne Loarca facilitates a discussion on the essay The importance of stupidity in scientific research. A community-focused discussion on what it’s like to be a mere human swimming in a sea of infinite knowledge. Bring a friend and come as you are.